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Welcome to my Violinist Links page! I'm glad to know quite a few people visited here since December, '98. I'm very happy if you enjoy my site, but I originally intended it for my own convenience and for my friends who share the love for violin music with me.

I'm only a great fan of violin music. Having a career that has nothing to do with music in Japan, I have some difficulties in collecting new information and keeping each piece updated. Now that this page is open to anyone who loves violin, I would like to ask you to join me in making it better by posting your favorite violinists and their websites. Please remember I would like to keep this list for professional, classical solo violinists including concert masters and quartet players who also perform as soloists.

And to those website owners, please forgive me for putting links to your sites without your permission. I thank you for your generosity in advance. If there is any problem, please let me know at the following e-mail address.

Thanks and best regards,

A. Kose ( (April 11, 1999)

 How to suggest a site 
Please send an e-mail to A. Kose with the following information.

1. Violinist's name: (family name first) e.g. Paganini, Nicolo
2. Dates of birth and death (if deceased): e.g. (Oct 27/1782 - May 27/1840) or (Apr 14/1980 - )
3. Nationality or the country the violinist is mainly dwelling:
4. Title of the site you are suggesting:
5. URL of the site:
6. Character of the site: e.g. official site, fan site, artist information of the recording company. If the page is a part of a certain site, please add the original site and the URL.
7. Information on the site: e.g. profile, biography, photos, discography, concert schedule, repertoire, sound clips, video clips, BBS, contacts, etc.
8. Language used on the page:

Please note this is the description about the site, but not about the violinist. The purpose of my site is to let the visitors know what information is available following the links. Suggested descriptions might be edited.

(September 12, 2002)

 Contributors to this page
My sincere gratitude to the following people for the information, correction and encouragement.

Komei Sasaki
Shunsuke Sakurada
Tomoko Yamazoe
Ralf Noltensmeier
Bill Atkinson
Lauren Speeth
Yutaka Sano
Rie Yamamoto
Gilbert Chang
Corine Rietveld
Andrew Homzy
Cheniston K Roland O.L
(Violin Historian)
Patrick Harris
Claes Liljeqvist
Mary Beth Hwang
Jose Sanchez
Norbert Winter
Lewis Brinin
Jeanette K. Fontanella
Connie Sunday
Sun-Jeung Cho
Ha Le
Daniel Tytgat
Glenn Freeman
Monique Cazeneuve
Stephen Linhart
Christophe Nozarandan
Rudolf A. Bruil
Chiho Yamazaki
John Krakenberger
Osvaldo Tritten
Michel Durand Mabire
Björn Andrén Ichiro Fukushima
Damien Bartoli
Hans Moens
Hugo Goncalo Carvalheiro
Lukas Fierz
Alex Obukhov
Arnaud Bétrémieux
Stephan Bultmann
Roger Lopez
Nayden Todorov
Antonina Nikolova
Petra Gall
Harumi Koyama
Klas Johansson
Darrell Cruz
Sarkis Baltayian
Christophe Nozaradan
Vassilia Mikhail
Michal Styczynski
Luciana Mattioli
Andreas Lindenberg
Zvi Kreisler
Erika Millen
Antti Sairanen
Tamara Hara
Pierre Dupas
Sam Holt
Jae-Hyuk Yi
Elise Seidel Webb
Michael Volpert
Jeanette Bevan
Jane Craxton
Marie Grégoire
Julien Szulman
Tom Donahue
Hans Mikkelsen
Karin Rosenberger
Paulo Egidio Luckman
Tadaharu Tanomura
Ruprecht Hattinger
Marten Hofsted
Edgar Bastidas
David Marzoli
Mike Garrahan
Egon Cohen
Yoav Raz
Bob Farkas
Milton Peek
Shiro Yasumatsu
Keith Loke
Ondine Perret
JM Willigens
Jean-Marie Willigens
Bryan Johnston
James Lee
Robert T. Murphy
Encore Music Publishers
Cati Sandru
Anatoly Korobkin
Naoya Sato
Robert C. Kuhmann
Albert A. Annunziata
Ayame Usui
Anthony Rao
Christopher M. Wright
Bob Schneider
Carmen Moreno
Dailin Wang
Paul Lennard
Rod Seville
Jeanette Kloss
Bella Pogosoff
Horst Kolo
William Flanagin
Miwa Gofuku
Jeremy Pike
Björn Andrén
Richard Culatta Stevana Kosanovic
Eugene Savinskiy
Ruth Garner
Stephen Press
Cécile Pomorski
Benny Atkinson
Emiliano antonelli
Marco D'Ambrosi
Gennady Chepovetsky
Azaria Saloman
Stewart Wilkes
Stephan Bultmann
Inês Morais
Mathias Buttmann
Ho B. Kim
Max Resch-Yoshida Ondrej Vrabec
Roma Bratt
Corné Visser
Giuseppino Fioravanti
John Rubinstein
Peter Rennie
Marie Grégoire
Candida Thompson
Feargus Hetherington
Stephanie Dierckxsens
William Hughes
Martin Rueck
Jean-Paul MATON
Susanna Briselli
Hristo Vassilev
Elsie Stockdale
Waltraud Szeryng
Christof Honecker
Hristo Vassileb
Dan Chuter
Geoffrey Terry
Dejana Sekulic

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