Caecilia Award 2003

Valery Gergiev & Vadim Repin recording wins Caecilia Award

April, 2003

Tchaikovsky/Myaskovsky Concertos CD (Philips 474 343-2) released in October, 2002

The emotionally charged recording of "Tchaikovsky and Myaskovsky Violin Concertos" with Vadim Repin and Valery Gergiev has just won Belgium's coveted Caecilia Award. Both Maestro Gergiev and Repin were delighted with the award as they explain below:
"I was delighted to learn that my recent recording of the Tchaikovsky and Myaskovsky Violin Concertos with Vadim Repin has been awarded a prestigious Caecilia Award. This recording was a very special dream for me as I always wanted to record this repertoire with Repin - someone who has made many of his professional debut's under my baton (France, Germany, Holland, Japan and UK amongst others). We have made music together for many years and it is therefore very special for me that this recording has been recognised in such a way. With many thanks to the classical music journalists in Belgium and many congratulations to Repin!!"
- Valery Gergiev

"Valery Gergiev and I have been making music together for over 17 years, but this is the first time our collaboration has been put on record, so to speak. The Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, a great and glorious challenge in the violinist's repertoire, seems to take on an extra special quality when it is shaped by Valery Gergiev and his orchestra. We have performed it together many times, and over the years it has grown and developed in such a way that we felt it was high time we finally committed it to disc. I am delighted that we were able to couple it with Myaskovsky's concerto - a neglected and yet major work, which I hope through this recording will have the place it deserves in our musical literature. As a proud holder of Belgian citizenship, I am delighted to have been honoured in my country with a Caecilia Award."

- Vadim Repin

[LEFT]: performing Tchaikovsky Concerto in Tokyo, 1987 (©Ongakunotomo)
[CENTER]: from the left: Bron, Repin, Kissin, Kantor and Gergiev in Tokyo, 1987 (©Ongakunotomo)
[RIGHT]: performing Tchaikovsky Concerto at Moscow Easter Festival, May 8, 2002

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