@What is Shinpukuji Buddhist Art School.

SBAS is organized to succeed priest Taigan's tradition and it's tha only school that makes a special study of
buddhist painting Japan.
Priest Taigan, wasin the latter period of Edo, came to Kyoto to revive the world of buddhist painting. in Kyoto
he learned buddhist painting ,and actually he began to paint with his pupils.
One of his pupil is Tamura Soryu. Later he became a professor of the first oil pinting department in kyoto Art
Another name of Shinpukuji is Mugonzan, and `mugon`derives from another name of priest Taigan.

Our activeties are divided in two parts. One is to make Mandala, buddha image, which is used in meditations, and wall paintings.
The other is to teach people how to paint buddha images. We have classes in Kyoto,Tokyo,Osaka,Zentuji temple . Now planning Shonan class.

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