Osaka Car UNION
Adress:1-11-20,Nonoue,Habikino City,583 Osaka,Japan
Phone:0081-729-52-8369 Fax:0081-729-52-6901
Are you looking for a business
partner who is honest and reliable?

These are our company policis!

We think that the key to success in business is using our purchasing power to best serve our customers needs. This is why we suggest you come to Osaka first.
Our outstanding reputation and experience will assure you of the lowest prices and best quality.
Our experienced worker will acompany you to our dealers and auctions during your stay in Osaka to assist you in locating the highest quality used cars.
We gurantee quality and the lowest prices to be found in Osaka.
We have a long term commitment to our customers satisfaction.
we will come to see you at Kansai Airport when you visit our campany.
Please feel free to call S.Matsumoto(President) or Makiko(Sales department).
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